Body found in Prince George's County

(Photo: Brad Bell)

A body was discovered next to a trash bin in Prince George’s County.

Homicide investigators are on the scene, in the 1400 block of Doewood Lane.

A witness says that when she went to take her trash out Friday morning, the first thing she saw was the body next to the dumpster.

Amy Montgomery-Farr made the gruesome discovery Friday morning behind the dumpster at Woodhaven apartments.

“I brought my child to the bus stop and as I dumped my trash, the first thing I noticed was a man wrapped up behind it, that trash can right there, with his head sticking out, and with this body,” she says. “He was dead.”

Police say the victim appeared to be a black male in his early 30s who had suffered quote 'visible trauma'. But beyond that, police have not publicly identified a suspect.

Residents say the area has problems with car break-ins and some drug use, but nothing like this.

Crystal Brooks has five kids and now she's scared.

“My children take trash out there a lot and I always make them walk in pairs because I know the activity that transpires in this parking lot,” she says. “So that's a real shock.”

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