Bob McDonnell joins 8 other former governors convicted of corruption in recent years

Bob McDonnell talks to reporters while entering court during the trial. (WJLA file photo)

RICHMOND, Va. (WJLA) -- A jury has convicted former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, of corruption, fraud and bribery, after the couple accepted more than $165,000 of gifts and loans from a businessman.

Here's a look at other recent governors who faced corruption charges in the last 15 years. All were either convicted, or pleaded guilty in a plea deal.

Roger Wilson (D) / Missouri --- 2012 (pleaded guilty)---two years of probation for misusing money to make political donations.

Mike Easley/(D) NC --- 2010 (pleaded guilty/ Alford plea) ---fine for misreporting use of campaign funds.

Don Siegelman/ (D) Alabama --- 2006 (11 days of deliberations) ---Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scurshy were convicted in 2006 on charges related to donations made to Siegelman's 1999 lottery campaign.

John Rowland/ (R) Connecticut -- 2004 (pleaded guilty) ---Rowland served 10 months in federal prison for selling his office in exchange for $100,000+ in . Now, eight years later, he again faces federal prison if found guilty of violating federal election laws.

George Ryan/ (R) Illinois --- 2006 (10 days of deliberations) ---served 5 years/ truck driver license scandal before becoming governor.

Rod Blagojevich/(D) Illinois --- 2011 (10 days of deliberations) ---tried to sell Barack Obama's Senate Seat / sentenced to 14 years.

Edwin Edwards/ (D) Louisiana --- 2000 (9 days of deliberations) ---sentenced to 10 years for Racketeering, conspiracy, fraud.

Bob Taft/ (R) Ohio --- 2005 (pleaded no contest) ---fined for failing to report gifts (misdemeanors).

Virginia corruption history: (No previous governors)

2011 - State Representative Phillip A. Hamilton (R) represented the 93rd district and resigned in 2009. on the Virginia Peninsula, made up of parts of James City County He was convicted of bribery and extortion, and sentenced by a U.S. district court jury to 91?2 years in prison in August 2011.