Bob Marshall told to put social issues aside, focus on economy

Republican leaders in Richmond tell GOP Prince William Delegate Bob Marshall to put aside social issues and focus on the economy.

“Frankly I don’t give a damn,” says Marshall.

Marshall is introducing four bills related to abortion and contraception this session. Three would allow insurance providers to deny women contraception coverage, an element of the new health care bill.

“If you want birth control, go to WalMart and get it for $9 a month. Don’t put people with a conscience problem with this into doing this,” he says.

Marshall’s fourth and final bill would make it a crime for doctors who knowingly perform so-called “sex selective abortions,” something he claims has been going on in America for years.

Kay Kory is a democratic delegate from Falls Church and a co-chair of the Women’s Caucus. She calls Marshall’s proposals insulting to her legal right to choose.

“I can make these decisions myself and I certainly don’t need a man, however well meaning, telling me what to do,” she says.

Arlington residents Brittany Hughes and Alberto Gonzalez agree somewhat on the importance of social issues.

“These are all issues that most definitely should be considered,” says Gonzalez.

“I think the economy and jobs are most important right now but we can’t forget about social issues either,” says Hughes.

However, they disagree when it comes to the government’s involvement with women’s issues.

“I don’t think government should be involved in my choices as a woman,” says Hughes.

“The right to life is fundamentally important,” says Gonzalez. “It’s the right without which any other rights can’t be exercised.”