Bob Marshall runs for U.S. Senate

GOP candidate Marshall to challenge Kaine for Senate seat

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Bob Marshall has formally announced his U.S. Senate candidacy.

The conservative Prince William Republican e-mailed supporters and news organizations Monday with the opening line "I can beat Tim Kaine."

Marshall's announcement comes after he told reporters of his plans Friday. He's the latest conservative to join a crowded Republican primary field led by former Sen. George Allen.

Marshall, tea party organizer Jamie Radtke, minister E.W. Jackson and businessman David McCormick are all running to the right of Allen, a former governor trying to win back the seat he lost to Democrat Jim Webb in 2006.

Kaine, a former governor and Democratic National Committee chairman, heads a Democratic primary field. Courtney Lynch and Julien Modica also say they're candidates for the June primary.