Bob Lizama, former White House cook's personal memorabilia displayed

On the peaceful shores of the Potomac River, employees at the St. Clement's Island Museum are preparing to unveil a very unique exhibit - one that even amazed them as they sorted through the items.

It’s the collection of the Lizama family.

Bob Lizama grew up farming in Guam but decided to join the U.S. Navy. And it was aboard a ship in San Diego that he served a meal to President John F. Kennedy.

“So my father made him this bowl of chili and I guess it was enough to impress Kennedy,” says Stan Lizama, Bob’s son. “He said to my father that ‘one day I'm going to go into politics and I'd really like to come back for you.’ Early 60s he got that letter in the mail that said, ‘I'm a president as you know and I want you to come to Washington, D.C.’”

Lizama became the White House cook known as "Chief Bob.” But the two men also bonded over religion and family.

Lizama even took care of the Kennedy children sometimes. And he was on the trip to Texas when Kennedy was shot and killed.

After that, Lizama served President Johnson and President Nixon, including time on the presidential yacht the U.S.S. Sequoia.