Blue Mash Golf Course offers low prices for cold weather

At just 16°, Tuesday was the coldest day in more than a year. At Blue Mash Golf Course in Laytonsville, Md., they call that a good deal.

Emily Weidner, a representative for Blue Mash, says the greens fee price is based on the temperature when a customer tees off.

Typically, a weekday round cost between $39 and $49; the weekend prices jump to between $39 and $59.

But if the temperature is lower, so it the rate. It's a way to lure in customers all year long.

"The only day we're closed is Christmas," Weidner added.

She says even when icicles line the hazard, the links are busy.

When Silver Spring resident Jay Paige tee'd off Tuesday, it was well below freezing with a bitter wind chill.

For just $16, Paige was able to play 18, wind-whipped holes.

"It was 16° when I came out this morning. It's about the same as a bucket of balls. You get a little more of a challenge out here than just sitting in a driving range," Paige added.

He says he has staying warm figured out too.

"I've got about three layers of shirts on."

But playing well in bitter cold is a bigger challenge.

"When you hit the green, the ball bounces like a cart path," Paige continued.

Golf is a tough sell in the winter, but at Blue Mash, the chilly temperatures are the main attraction.

Weidner explained, "As long as golfers are out there, we're making money. So, it's definitely worth it."

Greens fees will match the temperature until Feb. 28.