Bloomingdale residents' outrage results in changes

Less than one month ago, rage was blooming in the Bloomingdale section of Northwest D.C.

Homeowners say that before they brought their complaint to ABC 7, the flooding that has plagued their neighborhood for years has resulted in plans for their streets to be shut down for at least 27 months, leaving no access for emergency vehicles and certainly no access for them. Their streets would simply be eliminated.

This all changed Wednesday night apparently, when residents got ABC 7 involved.

Sonya Hill, a Bloomingdale homeowner, says: "Nobody ever did anything until the media got involved. So yes, you've been very effective, thank you."

Construction time is now cut in half, emergency lanes are to be created for fire trucks, and five nearby lots will become residential parking. There will also be a 24-hour shuttle in place to get everyone to and from their homes.

Another resident says: "I absolutely believe because we managed to get you guys down here to cover this, that is why we've seen this. I believe that 100 percent."

Though not everyone is so convinced that the new revisions will stick, the increased attention has certainly led to results: Two more community meetings just like the one Wednesday night, scheduled for other parts of Bloomingdale before the end of June.