Black Friday shoppers start early

Some shoppers have been camping out since Tuesday.

Freddy Vargas is the first in line for Black Friday shopping. He’s been living in a tent on a sidewalk since Tuesday afternoon and says it hasn’t exactly been fun. But it might be worth it at midnight when he gets what he came for.

Alvin Villalobos planned to eat at home and then get in line this afternoon, but last night he and his family decided waiting that long was too risky.

“We decided to come because we saw more people lining up so our family is just like ‘Can you guys go now?’” he says.

If you wanted to shop before tonight, Kmart was about the only game in town. Hundreds streamed in at the Oxon Hill store when it opened around 6 a.m. They came for deals on things like televisions and toys.

Garland Johnson says the discounts mean his four kids will have a lot more gifts waiting under the Christmas tree.

“It gives me an opportunity to do more, so it works out,” he says.

Jordan and his mom, Lori, bought some DVD’s, but the big crowds had already taken what they really wanted.

“We were wishing we could get the tablet instead, but we didn’t get it. Maybe we’ll try another Kmart,” he says.