Birds use Oak View Elementary School's chimney as nest

An unusual sight is filling the skies outside a Montgomery County elementary school. Every night, hundreds of birds fly into the chimney at Oak View Elementary School.

For the four straight night, Alan Haeberle watched as the feathered visitors settled into their nightly nest on East Wayne Avenue.

"They form a vortex and swirl around and around the school," Haeberle explained. "And they're so synchronized, almost like a little ballet. It's really beautiful."

One-by-one they dive into the chimney to roost.

"We noticed them last year, and we thought they were bats," added Montgomery County resident Shar Brown.

While those who gathered in awe enjoyed the performance, they hope the migratory birds move on quickly to their winter home in South America.

Their evening nest is the chimney for the school's boiler. At some point, the school will have to turn on the heat.

Until then, residents hope to enjoy another encore.