Bill introduced to remove John Leopold from office

The future of Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold remains up in the air. The 69-year-old Republican was found guilty Tuesday on two charges of misconduct in office.

County councilmembers met Wednesday to discuss whether to vote Leopold out of office.

Deale, Md. resident Sue Buchan said, "He's not setting a good example, and that's gross..."

During his ruling, a judge called Leopold cruel and predatory for misusing county employees. Leopold had his on-duty officer drive him to a bowling alley parking lot for a sexual tryst and demanded his officers and assistant change his catheter up to two to three times daily for nine months.

It's all been too much for county residents to digest over the last year. Residents seemed resigned to the idea that Leopold must leave office.

"He abused his power, and he was convicted...," said Michelle Cook of Pasadena. "...everybody who's convicted shouldn't hold office anymore."

Glen Burnie resident Etron Jackson added, "You're suppose to show the best by representing the county...if you do wrong, you gotta pay the price."

Just in case he doesn't leave voluntarily, a bill calling for his removal was introduced during Wednesday's meeting.

Anne Arundel County Chairman Jerry Walker said, "To have an elected official who is convicted is a disgrace to Anne Arundel County. Yesterday was a sad day to see that happen."