Bike theft victim steals own bike back

A local man took crime fighting into his own hands after seeing a listing for his stolen bicycle on Craigslist.

Danny Lesh says he lent his 14-year-old bicycle to a friend last Sunday. The friend called him the next day to tell him someone had cut the cable lock and took the bicycle off her porch in Northwest.

Lesh checked Craigslist and found a posting advertising a bike on sale for $100. But, it was his own bike. Lesh recognized his stickers and pedals.

"I was furious, I was furious, but I was also determined at that point. I knew that I was pretty close to getting it back," Lesh explained.

He called the number listed on the post and got into a cab, prepared to buy his bike back. But on his way to the seller's home, Lesh hatched a plan.

"I said, 'Well, can I take it for a test ride.' This guy agreed to let me take for a test ride...'

Lesh says he peddled off, with the cab driver waiting around the corner for him.

"So, [I put] this into the trunk of the taxicab, and we were on the other side of the town before this guy realized what happened...I stole it. I stole my bike back from the thief," he added.

And Lesh says the seller is still advertising bikes.

"These are the bikes he has for sale on Craigslist right now. He's got two bikes," Lesh pointed out.

ABC7 called the seller's cell phone number and were told someone was coming to check out the bike. The seller said he'd call back if the bicycle was still available.

Minutes later, from the same alley Lesh described, a man bought out a bike, the potential buyer checked it out and purchased it. The seller then disappeared in to the alley.