Dedicated bicycle lanes coming to downtown Silver Spring

Dedicated bicycle lanes are coming to downtown Silver Spring, Md. (ABC7 photo)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) – Crews will soon install bicycle lanes in downtown Silver Spring to help improve traffic flow and safety.

"It’s a change in thinking,” Montgomery County Department of Transportation Division Chief Bruce Johnston remarked.

The project, slated to begin in early November, will run for nearly a mile from the corner of Spring Street and 2nd Avenue to Cedar Street and Wayne Avenue.

The bike lanes, one in each direction, will have a lime green surface with solid tread. Flex posts will also be installed to prevent cars from entering the bike lanes.

"This is cutting edge stuff, I mean you see this stuff in Portland of Vancouver, it's nice to see that Montgomery County can be on the leading edge, providing this kind of infrastructure,” Johnston added.

That infrastructure is already in place along Nebel Street in North Bethesda near the former White Flint Mall. Some residents have criticized the work, suggesting it takes away precious space from automobiles. Silver Spring homeowner Dan Jenkin, however, disagrees.

“Anything that would really minimize cars and maximize space for bikes is something I’m going to support,” Jenkin, a bicyclist himself, said while standing on his front porch.

The Silver Spring development should be complete by the end of this year, weather permitting. Additional bicycle lane projects are currently in planning stages for other portions of the county, but exact details have not been released.

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