Bike cameras trending among cyclists for safety

Laurie Lemiux and her dog, Carmen, commute from Greenbelt to College Park on a regular basis. And to keep them protected, Lemiux equips her bike with a pint-sized camera.

“Cyclists often get blamed for the accident,” said Lemiux. “If you have a camera that documented what really happened, you have your witness right there.”

Small cameras, usually installed in helmets can be used to document accidents or catch license plate number of vehicles that leave the scene.

Cyclist Justin Hickes says his camera is like a black box.

“It's why I shoot. And definitely I've had a few close calls,” said Hicks. “Thank God nothing that would require me to use that footage, but I'm shooting everything all the time.”

Cyclists say they not only use their bike cams to catch drivers breaking the rules of the road, but also to hold themselves accountable. Others feel these cameras go too far, saying it’s invading someone’s privacy.

Lemieux says she hopes the cameras will simply deter bad behavior all around.

“We all need to pay attention to the rules,” said Lemieux. “And we all need to try to get along better.”

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