Betty Blank helps build strong bodies while empowering clients

Betty Blank works day-in and day-out to get her clients in the best shape possible.

“I just like the way they look and they smile. They feel good about themselves,” Blank said.

Blank, 60, practices what she preaches, running several miles a day in addition to strength training. She has completed 52 marathons, 32 triathlons, and ranks among the top runners nationally for her age group.

She has no plans to slow down any time soon.

“I think exercise keeps you in shape and keeps you looking young,” Blank said.

Blank has been a personal trainer for 25 years. These days, she likes to focus on helping the elderly stay in shape. Helen Lomax, 75, has been training with Blank for over a decade.

“She challenges me. When I say no, I can’t do that, she says just try a couple and you can do it. And then, you just sort of keep going,” Lomax said.

Lomax says working out has helped her body in countless ways—she’s getting older, but still gaining muscle, keeping her balance, and bone mass.

“You know, it’s really good to keep older people like me from falling,” Lomax said.

Blank says her passion is building better bodies. With clients ranging from age 13-83, she hopes others will see her as inspiration and make it their goal to stay in shape, no matter their age.

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