Bethesda Post Office parking woes: Is there any hope?

People visiting the new Post Office on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda have nowhere to park.

Some are parking in the lot next door and that's leading to a lot of towing.

You may need a little luck from the parking gods, especially during rush hour when there's no parking allowed on Wisconsin Avenue.

But help is apparently on the way.

If you're headed into the new Bethesda Post Office, don't even think of parking at the lot next door.

The warning signs clearly say no Post Office parking and if you park anyway, you could get towed. There's even a security guard to remind you...

Postal Customers are frustrated.

"It's absolutely horrible," says Michelle Goodman. "I've been going to the one all the way over on Democracy Blvd where there's a parking garage."

"The other day I actually drove round and round with my kids in the car and finally gave up and went to the post office in Chevy Chase D.C.," Esther Schrader says.

Customers told us even if you snag a nearby meter, you have to navigate your way across a hectic Wisconsin Avenue.

So some are just taking a chance they'll get towed.

"It says Verizon Wireless," Michael Thron says. "I was at a Verizon store this morning, so that's my excuse."

The problem started when the postal service recently shut down two Bethesda locations. One was on Arlington Road where there was plenty of parking.

The other was at 7400 Wisconsin Ave where there was limited parking.

A spokesman for the cash-strapped postal service says that move will bring in $9 million over two years.

He says they got a good deal on a lease at the new location at 6900 Wisconsin and went into the agreement believing they'd have the same privileges as the previous tenant, five parking spaces in the lot next door.

But it turns out that wasn't the case. And they've been trying to figure it out.

"It would be great if the Post Office could rent a few spaces so you could park for five or 10 minutes," Jeff Weiss says.

"The people inside are terrific, service is great, but the parking is bad," Mary Jane Tobin says. "And when the holidays come, it will be a disaster."

The postal service hopes to have a solution long before then. In fact, sources tell ABC7 negotiations are going on right now and they hope to announce a solution as early as next week.

They're also scouting a second location in Bethesda. With parking. So far, no luck.