Bethesda burglaries: Upscale neighborhood victimized by burglars

An upscale neighborhood in Bethesda has been victimized by a series of burglaries.

Montgomery County police say late Saturday night, two men opened the unlocked door of a multi-million dollar home along the 7100 block of Natelli Woods Lane in Bethesda.

Authorities say the suspects awoke the homeowners and stole merchandise.

A few weeks ago on June 22, there was a home burglary not far away in the 8900 block of Holly Leaf Lane near where Tom Kuhn lives.

"It is very disconcerting I must admit,” Kuhn says. “You think of this as a very tranquil and nice neighborhood where these things wouldn't happen."

And police say a day later, on June 23rd, there was a home burglary along the 6800 block of Wilson Lane in Bethesda.

While authorities aren’t sure these cases are related, they are urging residents in this part of the county to lock their doors, turn on their porch lights and activate their security systems.

"Like everybody you get a little bit relaxed and leave doors open and now what you're teaching me is going to change my behavior a bit,” Kuhn says.

Ichiro Otani says he's concerned because where he lives, off Holly Leaf Lane, there's a security presence meant to deter this kind of crime.

"We have been living here 20 years and it's happening more often these days so it's rather discouraging,” Otani says.