Bethany Anne Decker still missing as due date approaches

Decker has been missing since January. (Photo: Loudoun County Sheriff's Office)

Six months after Bethany Anne Decker went missing from her Loudoun County home, the mystery behind the 22-year-old mother's disappearance continues to grow.

Decker was last seen Jan. 29, and was reported missing about a month later. Decker, who was pregnant when she went missing, was due to give birth to her second child on Aug. 7.

Authorities have conducted dozens of interviews with family, friends and colleagues to no avail. Police say that there has been no activity on her bank accounts, cell phones or e-mail accounts. Her car was left behind at her apartment.

Emile Decker, the father to Bethany's first child, returned from a tour of duty with the National Guard in Afghanistan in March to assist in the investigation. Bethany was last seen just hours before Emile was deployed overseas.

Decker is still classified as a missing person. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Loudoun County authorities.