Best Buy worker takes photos from woman's phone, customer says

Sophia Ellison says when she cracked the face plate on her old cell phone, she headed to a Best Buy in Fair Oaks where a Geek Squad member suggested an upgrade.

They offered to transfer her contacts and pictures to the new phone. When she came back an hour later, the worker offered to buy back her old phone.

"That's when he reached in his wallet and gave me $60 for my old phone,” she says. β€œHe said everything's out. Everything's clean."

A day later, she realized her new phone had her contact information but her pictures were missing - all 900 of them.

After she called the store to complain, she says the employee called her back telling her he had her photos on a CD and that she could pick up at his home.

She says some of the photos were racy, including pictures she had taken of herself to document her weight loss and a video her kids had shot getting out of the shower.

"They weren't dressed - they were just playing with my phone," she said. "It was cute for me. I'm their parent, but to think that another man has access to that video, it makes me sick."

In a statement, Best Buy officials said that they could confirm that the employee was fired for making a personal transaction with a customer while on duty at work.

However, Ellison's attorney says not good enough. How does she know where her children's pictures will turn up?

"The last thing Ms. Ellison needs is a potential pedophile to be going after her and her children,” says Athan Tsimpedes, Ellison's attorney.