Dog attack: Young girl in stable condition after attack

Savanna, a 5-year-old girl, is in serious but stable condition after she was mauled by two dogs in Charles County Wednesday evening. Family photo.

Savanna, a 5-year-old girl, is in serious but stable condition after she was mauled by two dogs in Charles County Wednesday evening.{ }Her family says they anticipate an "extended recovery."

Police say{ }Savanna was being watched by her mother's boyfriend when he lost sight of her and she wandered to the backyard, where the attack happened.{ }She was found in the fetal position. Her ears had been ripped off, she had large bite wounds on her torso and neck, and her clothes had been torn off.{ }

“It’s devastating," says Vince Janes.{ }"My kids, they know what happened and everything. It’s sad."

Janes lives next door and has strong words for the young man who kept dogs in a large kennel in the fenced-in yard.

“Can’t have them kind of dogs. You know there’s too many mean breeds,” he says.{ }

According to the Charles County Sheriff's Department, two Presa Canarios and an English Bulldog were removed from the house late Wednesday. Two of the dogs were roaming the yard where Savannah was found. WTOP reports those dogs, a Presa Canario and an English Bulldog, have been euthanized.{ }The child's family does not own the dogs.

“It’s not clear if she let the dogs out of the kennel,” says Diane Richardson, spokesperson for the Charles County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s not clear if they were even in the kennel… at this point there are no obvious signs of neglect or anything like that.”{ }

ABC7 has learned the dogs have been a problem before. In recent months, a family member called Animal Control to remove as many as a dozen big dogs, including Cane Corsos. The dog’s owner got rid of them before they were seized.{ }

Sources say the dogs involved Wednesday night are recent additions. A young man who answered the door at the home Thursday declined to comment. His neighbors say their thoughts are with the little girl.

“You know, we have six children. To hear anything like that is sad,” says Page Christy.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. That child is going to go through a lot of painful surgeries in the next few years and it’s sad. It’s because of them dogs.”

Charges have not been filed yet against the man who owns the dogs.

Savanna's family said Wednesday night they are working with the Charles County Sheriff's Department to investigate the circumstances of the attack.