Benjamin Srigley won't face gun charges after shooting pit bulls

Jayeon Simon, 11, was being attacked by the dogs when Srigley opened fire. Photo: ABC7

The Northwest Washington man who opened fire on a group of pit bulls that attacked a young boy this past January will not face firearms charges, the Washington Times reports.

Benjamin Srigley, 39, shot at the three dogs that were attacking 11-year-old Jayeon Simon on Jan. 20 in the Brightwood neighborhood, striking one. His shots attracted the attention of nearby MPD officers, who responded and shot the other two.

Simon, who was riding his bike in the area when he was attacked, suffered multiple injuries. He told ABC7 after the attack that he was now scared of dogs.

The legality of Srigley's guns were quickly called into question, since police said they were unregistered. However, the D.C. Attorney General's office told the Times that the "unusual circumstances" of the incident didn't merit the going forward with charges.

Instead, the Times says that Srigley paid a $1,000 fine.

"We took it into account that he saved this boy's life," an Attorney General's office spokesman told the Times.

Although authorities confiscated Srigley's guns, he will get them returned to him when he moves to Maryland, which Srigley intends to do soon.{ }