Ben Srigley's gun charge dropped months after shooting attacking dog

Jayeon Simon was being attacked when Srigley opened fire. Photo: ABC7

A gun charge against a Washington man who shot and killed a pitbull in January in order to save a young boy's life have officially been dropped, the Washington Post reports.

An attorney for Ben Srigley, the man who used a handgun Jan. 20 to kill one of three pitbulls that were attacking an 11-year-old boy in Brightwood, says that a judge dismissed a single charge of possessing an unregistered firearm on Tuesday. D.C.'s deputy attorney general called the incident a "one in 10 million case."

The Washington Times reported in May that the charge against Srigley would be dropped if he paid a $1,000 fine and registered three guns that he owned after he moved to Maryland.

Srigley opened fire on the dogs after he saw them maiming Jayeon Simon in Brightwood. He shot and killed one of the dogs before responding MPD officers killed the two others.

The owner of the dogs that attacked Jayeon was fined $175.