Ben's Chili Bowl to host first chili-eating contest

Sonya Thomas. Photo: Nate 'Igor' Smith/Wikimedia Commons

The first ever chili eating contest is going on next month and Ben's Chili Bowl is providing the grub.

Sonya Thomas from Alexandria is among the professionals who will compete for the pot of money. Better known as the Black Widow, she has taken on hot dogs and buffalo wings and was recently crowned the Wing Eating Champion after chowing down 183 wings in 12 minutes

Then, there's Juliet Lee, a mother and salon owner from Germantown who ate 13 pounds of cranberry sauce in eight minutes.

At the chili-eating competition, they will have six minutes to put down as many bowls of chili as possible. The competition will take place at the Taste of DC next weekend. Amateurs can compete on Saturday, Oct. 8, while Sunday is reserved for the professionals like these two women.

Ben's is preparing a 30-pound pot of chili for each competitor. That's about 60 regular servings of a bowl of chili. The prize pot currently stands at $3,000.

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