Beltsville office space makes work enjoyable

Vocus, an internet marketing company based in Prince George’s County, is modeled after the town of Seaside, Florida, and{ }the 93,000 sq. ft. headquarters is an employee’s paradise.

“The first thing I wanted to do when I came here was bring my kids,” said employee Rosie Noel.

At Vocus,{ }employees can indulge in any of the company’s free amenities, including an arcade, an{ }indoor basketball court, a spa, candy shop and a coffee shop that rivals anything you’d find downtown.

“Honestly, I was kind of shocked to see something like this in P.G. County. In Beltsville?! Wonderful surprise here at Vocus,” said employee Meghan Thornton.

The company’s founder wanted to make sure this was a place where people would want to come to work.

“It makes you want to be here and its doesn't feel like a labor to be here,” Thornton said.

“It's an amazing, amazing space and it really shows how much they value their employees and want them to be comfortable,” Noel added.

With so much to see and do around the office, employees tell us getting up and going to work isn’t as bad as it could be.

Employee Charlene Ondak said, “I feel very lucky to work in a place like this especially in D.C. where people are working in office buildings.”