'Because you love God, you love people': Donations for Harvey victims pour into Md. church


Donations came pouring in to Difference Makers Church in Damascus on Wednesday.

“I sat around and tried to imagine, what is it like to lose everything?” Jerry Beall, a member of Difference Makers Church, said of getting the collection site started.

Beall says the church is collecting just about everything to help out those affected by the flooding in Texas.

“Because you love God, you love people and when you see people hurting, you’re going to want to try to help,” Beall said.

They started the collection on Monday. By midweek, about a third of the outdoor building was full of donations.

“It shows you the heart of people and that they are really good, you know?” Said Renee Carls, a member of the church who spread the message about the collection site on social media. “People are good and they want to do something to help other people.”

Jessica Schiano is one of those people wanting to help.

“I come out every morning to tons of stuff on our porch, it’s incredible,” Schiano said. She’s collecting clothes, food, and diapers for a friend who live in Houston. She plans to take the extras from Olney to Difference Makers Church.

“It is important that we all come together and help one another,” Beall said.

The church plans to pile all of the donations on a truck on Tuesday and start the journey to Texas.

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