Bear captured in Northwest D.C. on Wednesday

This bear was captured Wednesday in Northwest D.C. (Photo: Washington Humane Society)

What is it with bears and D.C. lately?

In the second time in less than a week, a bear was captured Wednesday in the D.C. area. Washington Humane Society animal control officers tranquilized and then captured the young bear near 49th Street and Glenbrook Lane in Northwest.

“We had a wildlife biologist looking him over he is healthy, he is fine and he is going to be fine,” says Scott Giacomo of the Washington Humane Society.

With a clean bill of health, the one year old male was driven to a rural Maryland location.

One the bear got his bearings, he headed off into the wild, far from any residential development. This is a relief to Teresa Metzen, who regularly walks this street.

“It is a bit dangerous,” she says.

On Monday, a red panda named Rusty that escaped the Smithsonian’s National Zoo was captured near Adams Morgan after it escaped briefly.

The red panda is technically not a bear or a panda. It is loosely related to skunks and raccoons.

And last week, a bear was spotted in Gaithersburg. It's the third time in three days that a black bear was spotted in Montgomery County.