Beagles experience life as a dog for first time

A group of very special dogs got to experience life outside for the first time Monday. They had spent their entire lives in a laboratory until a group got involved to get the beagles released.

"They've spent their entire lives in a cage," explained Shannon Keith, founder of the Beagle Freedom Project. "They grow up in a laboratory, being tested being put under anesthesia time after time again."

Jen Parquet and her husband drove in from New Hampshire to meet the beagles. They'll soon be foster parents to one of them. It's been her life's mission to rescue a lab animal.

The seven beagles were given the names of the Founding Fathers. For the last four years they have been living in a D.C.-area lab. They'll be in foster care for the next four or five months.

Shannon Keith is the founder of the Beagle Freedom Project. She convinced a D.C. area lab to let her take the six boys and a girl instead of euthanizing them. In two years she's found homes for 118 other lab-liberated beagles.

"They gonna learn what its like to walk on grass, see the sun," said Keith. They've never been outside to see the sun to actually play, to have a treat, to actually feel a kind touch."

The Beagle Freedom Project is an organization that rescues beagles used in animal experimentation in research. It's based in California.

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