Bay Bridge crash truck driver charged, fined

BAY BRIDGE, Md. (WJLA) - The truck driver who caused a chain-reaction crash on the Bay Bridge on July 19 that sent a vehicle off the bridge will be fined $670, officials said Thursday.

Earlier in August, the National Transportation Safety Board released a report on the crash saying that truck driver,{ }Gabor Lavasz, caused the crash after he briefly looked away from the road and then lost control.

He was charged with failure to control speed to avoid collision, making an unsafe lane change, negligent driving and speed greater than prudent on highway.

The July 19 crash led to a chain reaction that sent a vehicle driven by 24-year-old Calvert County resident Morgan Lake 27 feet over the bridge and into the bay. She suffered only minor injuries.

Lavasz is originally from Hungary. He worked for a Canadian company and was driving in the U.S. for the first time without a more experienced driver with him at the time of the crash.

Police also for the first time revealed a photo of an eerily similar incident. In the photo, you can see a car teetering over the water on the bridge's jersey wall at the exact same spot on the bridge. The transportation authority police chief says he's looking at adding safety devices.

Beyond noting the bridge meets federal standards, he stopped short of discussing higher jersey walls. He says federal investigators haven’t completed their report on the bridge.

Lake is still suffering psychologically form her ordeal. She says she believes the jersey walls need to be higher.