Battleground Virginia: Latest on the race for the White House

President Obama and Mitt Romney have both made numerous campaign stops all over the Commonwealth and they have many more on their calendars in the next 28 days.

The latest Public Policy poll shows Obama with a 50 to 47 percent lead over Romney in Virginia. Romney has gained one percent since the same poll was taken three weeks ago, but with the three percent still undecided, Virginia is still up for grabs.

With the finish line in sight, the race is narrowing by the day and though some polls still show the President is on top, nationally, Pew Research indicates a sizeable 8-point lead for Obama in September has vanished. The race, deadlocked among registered voters and among likely voters, suddenly, a four-point lead for Romney.

The President is probably chomping at the bit for a debate rematch, but Joe Biden and Paul Ryan take the stage next.