Battlefield student memorialized; VDOT vows to fix deadly road

Along Logmill Road in Prince William County, sits a heavily damaged tree, laid with flowers, a cross nearby. It was here, early Wednesday, where 15-year-old Kendra Tucker was killed.

'It's really sad," says Haymarket resident Tami O'Brien. "Especially at a young age, to lose your life."

Tucker, a freshman at Battlefield High School, and four other teens, were riding in a Dodge Magnum shortly after midnight, when it struck a deer, spun out, and smashed into a tree. Tucker, ejected from the car, was fatally injured, at least two others were critically hurt.

Authorities say at least seven young people have been killed on Logmill Road since 2000.

In Wednesday's crash, police say speed was a factor. None of the five were wearing seatbelts.

"How many deaths on this road is it going to take before they decide to change the road?" one of Tucker's schoolmates asked,

Amid the grief for the loss of another young person, word came that the road will be changed.

VDOT, which applied for federal funds a year ago, now has approval on a plan to vertically align the road, shave off hills that obstruct drivers' views, and perhaps even fix crumbling shoulders.

'It is one hill after another," O'Brien says. "If you're coming down the mountain and if you're going fast it can be dangerous."

For some, the project approval can't come too soon.

Bob Mifflin, a Haymarket resident says "When it happens, and it's this close, it's heartwrenching."

Design plans are in the works. It's hoped the project can be completed in November 2012.