Battlefield Bobcats help deliver thank you's to WWII vets

They want to meet as many World War II veterans as they can.

And by next June, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Battlefield Bobcats will have delivered - in person - hundreds, maybe thousands, of thank you letters written by students and residents of Prince William County to veterans of WWII, often at the memorial in D.C.

"Basically saved the world from everything else. “There's no other people like them. They stood up for us. I know I could never do something like that,” says junior Daniel Milihram.

In June, the Bobcats will head to Normandy in France to represent the US in D-Day anniversary celebrations, making the "thank you" campaign mean even more.

Freshman Max Brown isn't much younger than the veterans were when they went off to war.

“They made a sacrifice that cost a lot of lives,” Max says.

Veteran Mark "Bud" Griesel received a letter from the Bobcats that stated: "Dear veteran, thank you for all the fighting that you have done for our freedom. I really appreciate it all. Thank you.”

“It brings tears to my eyes,” he says. “Feels great. Feels great."

The letter writing campaign has now grown to include several other schools.

It’s a "thank you" from young boys and girls they've never met, and with it, a promise to never forget.