Battle over All Souls Tavern opening continues

Protesters on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy Tosho Bitho)

Parents with kids have jam packed Tuesday’s ABC board meeting, saying their kids go to Cleveland Elementary in NW D.C., and they don't want the All Souls Tavern opening a stone's throw from their school.

"I think we are concerned about the drunken disorderly behavior more than anything," says Tina Pangelinan, a Cleveland Elementary parent.

But the tavern's backers are offering a compromise they say should minimize parent’s concerns. The establishment will open at 5 p.m. or later Monday through Friday.

And some who live in this part of the Shaw neighborhood say right now they often see drugs sold at the vacant building, which is much worse for kids to see than booze.

"The activity that goes on their now is in my opinion much worse for the neighborhood than any kind of drinking,” says Pat Godfrey, a Shaw resident.

But in addition to the kids, some nearby residents and businesses say they think it will hold back the Shaw neighborhood, which they say is rapidly redeveloping and becoming a better place for people to live.

"For them to have to contend with someone running a business that stays open to 2 o'clock in the morning, when these are not large houses with large setbacks, they're rowhouses,” says Stanley Mayes, a Shaw business owner and resident.