Barbara Shultze to marry Jean-Francois Ramos

Jean-Francois Ramos and Barbara Shultze

A local bachelorette has been waiting 70 years to find Mr. Right - and she's finally found him.

Barbara Shultze of Frederick, Maryland is about to marry the 75-year-old French man she met on a dating website for seniors. Her mother and father will both be at the wedding to watch their daughter walk down the aisle for the first time.

“He got down on his knee and pulled a chair close just in case he couldn't get back up,” Shultze says.

“And I used it too,” says Jean-Francois Ramos, her fiancé.

In picking out her ring, Shultze had a simple philosophy: When you get older you need more substance and so that's what she was looking for.

Even as a young girl, the eldest of seven children, Schultze knew she'd rather grow up to be alone than marry the wrong man.

So Shultze remained single, committed to her career as a realtor. And as the years ticked by, her siblings married and had children while Shultze would wait 70 years and kiss a few frogs before finding her prince, Ramos.

“She had been to many, many frogs. Well, a frenchman is called a frog. So, she's getting a frog!” he jokes.

And with Shultze on her wedding day, will be her mother and father - 93 and 92 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Shultze have been married 71 years.

From Mr. Shultze, who practiced walking his daughter down the aisle, a bit of advice: Don't let the romance die.

Shultze and Ramos will marry later this month in front of nearly 140 friends and family