Bao Bao, National Zoo panda cub, weighs nearly 13 pounds

Photo: The National Zoo

(WJLA) - It's been a big week for Bao Bao, the National Zoo's panda cub!{ }

She received her name on Sunday and now weighs nearly 13 pounds. Keepers have noticed her putting bamboo in her mouth, though she's not eating it yet.{ }

Mei Xiang is beginning to take her out of the den and into the large enclosure more frequently, even putting her up on the rocks and allowing her to climb around on the lower level. The keepers have "baby-proofed" the panda enclosure by putting hay beside the rocks to cushion any possible falls.{ }

Bao Bao is still trying to figure out how to walk. She's been practicing and it won't be long until she's a pro at getting around!{ }

Bao Bao was born to Mei Xiang on Aug. 23.{ }

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