Bao Bao acts just like Dad, zoo says

Photo: Smithsonian's National Zoo

(WJLA) - Like father, like daughter.{ }

If you've watched the Panda Cam lately you may have noticed something interesting about Bao Bao's sleeping habits - she sleeps on her back, which is the preferred position for her dad, Tian Tian.{ }

Bao Bao also scratches her belly just like Dad does. She's a mini Tian Tian! { }

The panda cub's coordination and climbing abilties are improving, and now she spends time exploring her enclosures. It won't be long until Bao Bao begins exploring the great outdoors. No doubt Mei Xiang will be busy keeping up with Bao Bao and all her new adventures in the new year!{ }

Bao Bao is set to make her public debut on Jan. 18.{ }