Ban Ronald McDonald?

Everyone knows the iconic figure of Ronald McDonald.

But if one group gets its way, the charismatic clown will become just a memory.

“This character is peddling junk food and getting children hooked at such an early age when their taste buds are still developing,” said Emily McNally-Diaz of the Corporate Accountability International.

Corporate Accountability International is waging a war on the fast food mascot, urging McDonald’s to do away with its most famous face.

To launch the campaign, Corporate Accountability International took out full-page ads in newspapers across the country. Wednesday’s edition of the Baltimore City Paper has one and on it just some of the 550 signatures of health professionals who are on board.

The move is an effort to crack down on childhood obesity – something McDonald’s has repeatedly been accused of contributing to.

In a statement released Wednesday, McDonald’s defends its marketing methods, saying that Ronald is an ambassador for good and delivers important messages to kids on safety, literacy and living balanced, active lifestyles.

People getting their golden arches fix said he’s too much a part of American culture to kick him to the curb.

“I’ve always thought of him as something more positive, funny cute, kids can have a good time, when you look at him,” said Cynthia Crawford, of Silver Spring. “I mean he’s a clown!”