Baltimore substitute teacher bullied by students

A Baltimore student used a cell phone to shoot images of students who appear to be picking on a substitute teacher. In the video you can see a female student flicking the teacher’s face and head repeatedly.

School officials say it happened inside Digital Harbor High School about two weeks ago. The video shows the teacher trying to dodge something that comes at her, using papers to block her face. You can hear the giggles of other students in the classroom.

“My initial response was again, disgust,” says Marietta English of the Teachers Union.

English, the head of the Teachers Union in Baltimore City, has seen the video and says it happens more often than you’d think.

“Somewhere there’s just no civility. They don’t even respect the adults in the classroom who are trying to deliver a lesson and this is the battle we fight,” she says.

In this case, school officials say the teacher chose not to file a police report, letting school administrators handle it instead.

“I think it happens every day,” says English. “We ask teachers to file a complaint with us, fill out the forms so that we can keep our own records. We just believe it happens every day in some school, somewhere.”

Baltimore City school officials say they conducted an investigation and reprimanded at least one of the students in the video, but they would not disclose what type of discipline they handed out.

Warning: The video contains vulgar language.