Baltimore nightclub shooting video released

A still image from the video, which documents the shooting. (Photo: Baltimore Police)

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police have released a surveillance video that shows the scene of a fatal shooting of a police officer and another man during a fight outside a nightclub.

The video released Wednesday night shows a man swinging a punch in the crowded parking lot outside the Select Lounge. It also shows people scattering and falling to the ground seconds later as shots were fired.

Officer William Torbit Jr. responded to a report of trouble early on Jan. 9 in street clothes. Investigators say Torbit likely fired the bullet that killed Sean Gamble as they struggled on the ground. Torbit was killed when uniformed officers fired on him, not knowing that he was a fellow officer.

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Video courtesy of Baltimore Police and the Baltimore Sun

State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein has said there isn't enough evidence to prosecute the other officers.