Bald eagles attached to each other after fight in Loudoun County

One of the eagles is recovered and will be released this weekend. Photo: Loudoun County Animal Services

(WJLA) - Sometimes, birds of a feather don't exactly flock together!

At least that was the case for two bald eagles found stuck together in Loudoun County late last week.

Loudoun County Animal Services says the eagles had been fighting and their talons became entangled. The birds were found attached to each other in a parking lot last Friday.

Officers were able to untangle the eagles, but both had to be treated for serious injuries.

One of the birds is all better and will be released from Elizabeth Mills Park in Lansdowne on Saturday. The other eagle is still recovering. There's no word yet on when he will be released.

According to, it is a typical practice for eagles to lock talons when fighting.