Bald eagle webcam draws attention in D.C.

Webcam footage provided by National Geographic shows a family of bald eagles that has been nesting in Southwest Washington. They’ve captured the attention of D.C.’s finest.

“So we think that they’re between six and eight weeks old now,” says Barbara Moffet, spokesperson for National Geographic.

In March, two eagles hatched high above the Metropolitan Police Academy.

“As they get bigger they stand on the edge of their nest and start flapping their wings to try out flying,” says Moffet.

Following the suggestion of Chief Cathy Lanier, National Geographic is now streaming live footage of the eagle family on its website with a camera mounted nearby.

“Our guys have been working for several weeks to get it up into this tree 80 feet high,” Moffet says.

“Since the camera went live, my productivity has gone down a little bit,” Lanier says. “I have it up on one screen in my office. It stays on constantly.”

After the Boston bombings this week, Chief Lanier says she felt moved by these images and decided to share them through police list serves.

"[T]he symbol of our country's strength and freedom can remind us all what America stands for," Lanier wrote in an email to residents Wednesday.

“It literally has gone viral,” Lanier says. “I’ve gotten over 300 responses already.”

In the neighborhood, residents say it surprises them to learn bald eagles would live here.

“Yes it does, it does, it does. But hey, welcome!” says Duwayne Patterson.

“Oh it’s beautiful,” says Rodney Stotts of Earth Conservation Corps. “Beautiful. And to know I had a part of it, it’s a blessing.”

Since 199, the Anacostia-based Earth Conservation Corps has been working to bring the birds to Washington and educate young people about this once-endangered species.

“They’re beautiful birds to begin with, but it’s so patriotic when you’re here in the nation’s capital and you see them in that nest overlooking the Potomac River, it’s an amazing sight. Amazing,” says Chief Lanier.

Chief Lanier says she now hopes to establish a more formal partnership between NPD and Earth Conservation Corps to get more youth from the community involved in the effort.

Click to watch the bald eagles live