Bag tax could be coming to Prince George's County

Plastic bags

The 5 cent bag tax could be headed to another area.

On Tuesday, Prince George's County council members voted 8-0 in favor of the tax hike on paper and plastic bags, with one member abstaining her vote.

The legislation is similar to what is currently in place in Montgomery County and the District.

"All you have to do is bring your bag from your house," said District resident Mary Muriithi. "We're trying to go green and plastic is really bad for the environment."

Muriithi is used to the drill and doesn't mind pulling out the reusable bag when visiting neighboring Prince George's.

County officials say the tax could cut down on environmental clean-up costs, but some say that it's just another way to make money off citizens.

"Every time you turn around, they're adding more and more," said Cheverly resident Fred Crawford.

However, since the county does not have it's own taxing authority, it now needs to wait for a decision to come down from the General Assembly.

On Wednesday the measure died in the General Assembly.

The bill's co-author issued this statement:

"The success of the bag bill in Washington, D.C. is a great signpost for Prince George's County. This type of legislation can--and does--work. It changes behavior and improves the environment, including the reduction of greenhouse gases."

The debate is far from over. The same committee is expected to review the measure again next Wednesday in Annapolis where there's a chance the bill could be revived.