Back pay for low-wage workers bill to be introduced by Eleanor Holmes Norton

(WJLA) - D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is making a move to make sure the low-wage workers on Capitol Hill get the pay they missed out on during the government shutdown.

The bill, which will be introduced to the House of Representatives next week then the House returns from recess, would grant back pay to contracted retail, food, custodial and security workers who were furloughed during the Oct. 1-16 federal work stoppage.

Those workers are among the lowest paid in the Capitol complex, Norton says.

"Many federally contracted workers in federal agencies earn little more than the minimum wage with few, if any benefits," Norton said in a statement. "(They) should not be punished because Congress failed to do its job and keep the government functioning for 16 days."

Congress approved back pay for federal workers shortly after the shutdown ended, but no such move was made for contractors.