Baby panda video: Smithsonian's 5-day-old panda cub visible on new video

Can you see the panda cub's little paw sneaking out near Mei Xiang's face? Photo: Smithsonian National Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoo's new baby panda is only 5-days-old, but the cameras area already watching and it's already one of the area's biggest celebrities.

On Friday, the Smithsonian says that we may be getting our best look at the new cub yet.

In video from a Panda Cam released Friday on the Zoo's Flickr page, what looks to be the panda cub's small paw flails around briefly while being groomed by its mother, Mei Xiang.

After five pseudopregnancies didn't lead to the birth of a cub, Mei Xiang finally and surprisingly gave birth on Sept. 16. The giant panda only had a 10 percent chance of being truly pregnant after the five failures, Zoo officials said.

Can't get enough? You can watch the Smithsonian's Panda Cam anytime you'd like.