Baby Loggerhead turtle at National Aquarium

National Aquarium Baltimore

It's a first for Maryland! The National Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Program is now caring for a baby loggerhead sea turtle and 160 turtle eggs. The nest was evacuated from Assateague Island shortly before Hurricane Sandy and was taken to the Aquarium in Baltimore to incubate.

This is an extremely unique case because the area off Maryland’s eastern shore{ } has never had a confirmed viable sea turtle nest. Rescuers are working with wildlife experts in North Carolina to learn more about loggerheads and their nesting habits.

Meanwhile, the live hatchling is said to be strong, healthy and recently enjoyed its first overnight swim. MARP is keeping a close eye on the baby and has given it antibiotics as a precaution.

To learn more about the turtle's progress, visit the National Aquarium's website.

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