Autumn leaves, leaf peeping in Virginia and Maryland

Photo credit: "Autumn on the Skyline Drive" © 2011 by jmctee via Creative Commons

If you enjoy spending autumn afternoons hiking, driving or simply strolling among Fall’s fiery oranges, golds and scarlets – you’re a LEAF PEEPER! And ABC7 wants to hear from you. Actually, we want to SEE your most creative seasonal snapshots.

Golden landscapes, spectacular oaks and maples, kids playing in piles and piles of leaves – we want to share your autumn adventures with everyone.

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Remember to include:
• Where you took the photo
• The date
• Your name
• Any info you’d like our viewers to know. Were you picnicking, on your way to work or simply leaf peeping? Tell us what you were up to that day.

In the meantime, watch the season’s change from your desk by checking out The National Park Service’s Mountain cam. It’s an amazing autumn view of Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley.

And if you still haven’t had your Fall fix, head over to ABC7’s Pinterest page. We’ve found a few crafty autumn projects you’ll want to give a try.

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