Austin Black, Virginia high school athlete, allegedly victim of racial slur

Hylton student-athlete Austin Black

(WJLA) - Reggie Black says he would have been offended by the situation no matter who it happened to – but something happened to his son Austin.

"As a dad it felt really humiliating...It was like something was taken from you," said Reggie.

Austin, known as "Q," is a senior on the Hylton High School soccer team. On Friday, June 5, Hylton was playing a home game against Grassfield High of Chesapeake in the state semi-finals.

Black gave a hard shove to a Grassfield player, and was then given a red card and ejected – an automatic two-game suspension.

But Black claims the Grassfield player – who is white – not only got physical first, but yelled a racial slur right at him

{ }"I was shocked because in today's era, we try to teach our kids to respect everyone," said Reggie.

Later that night on Twitter, the Grassfield player admitted to making the slur: “I told the kid, get off me “blank,” and he punched me and got a red card.”

"I think we had evidence here that it did happen...I don't think my students on the field that night were being dishonest about what they heard," said Hylton Principal David Cassidy, who appealed the suspension with Grassfield officials, saying Black was unfairly provoked.

But Grassfield took no action, and Hylton’s appeal was then denied by the Virginia High School League, which is the governing board of high school sports.

Reggie Black says Austin is now trying to move on, and he is doing what he can to help:

"The world isn't perfect, but we are here today trying to fix those things that are broken."