ATV crash into P.G. police cruiser caught on camera

(WJLA) - This is a Dash Cam video from P.G. County Police officer Anthony Ayers’ cruiser. It captured a collision between the cruiser and an ATV that sent driver Michael Lewis flying and gave him a concussion along with fractures.

Officers say the ATV should not have been on the road, and that Lewis was not wearing safety gear – but Lewis is still suing:

"The bottom line take from the video is it speaks for itself," he said.

"The use of force to make this traffic stop was very excessive," said his attorney, Robinson Rowe.

Officers were responding to an unrelated non-emergency call when they spotted the ATV and made an abrupt turn. Ayers’ initial duress report on the accident indicated that his car was stationary at the time of the collision – a statement that the video does not seem to support.

This is Karen Blvd., where the crash happened. The officer with the dash cam testified that he manuevered his vehicle in a way to encourage the ATV to stop, and said the driver wasn't able to control his vehicle and collided with cruiser.

The emergency lights on the vehicle were not on, and the officer did acknowledge this may not have been a textbook traffic stop.

Lewis was given 16 citations after the inident, but all were eventually dismissed in court. John Erzen is the spokesman for the State’s Attorney’s office, and states:

"We believe the officer testimony was consistent with what the video shows."

Meanwhile, county police would not comment on the lawsuit, but said in a statement:

"Our department promptly launched an investigation and appropriate action was taken."

Lewis’ lawyers now plan to ask a civil jury to take action based on what’s is on this video.