Atrium at Treetops pulls out of wedding, cannot reimburse couple

HYATTSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) -- The Atrium at Treetops in Hyattsville is where future bride Theresa Wright planned to go with her groom John Jackson after saying “I Do."

But very unexpectedly, that is no longer the plan.

"I was shocked, I was stunned, I didn't know what to think when that happened," said Wright.

Just weeks before their wedding, Wright and Jackson received a letter explaining that the Atrium is no longer available. It apparently lost its contract with the landlord and does not have the funds to reimburse Wright and her fiancé -- who maintain that they paid in full.

"They took my money and ran is what they did, because now I am out of my money and no one wants to reimburse us," said Jackson.

"It really hurts because we struggled so hard to make this happen so we can have our dream wedding," added Wright.

But Wright and Jackson are not alone. Their wedding planner, Karen Lawrence, says several other couples are also without a venue for their celebrations.

"We were calling around to other venues that are booked -- they just say 'Oh my God, if we could help we would help you,'" Lawrence said. "And so I have a customer right now who has put out more than $5,600 and has no place to go."

Wright and Jackson were directed to another venue, but it isn't available on such short notice. Plus, they say that it is nowhere near as nice as the Atrium.

"I cried yesterday, I cried early this morning, and throughout the day I cried in-between work hours," said Wright. "I am trying to get it together and hold on."