Atrium at Treetops: Couple finds new wedding venue with help of ABC7

WALDORF, Md. (WJLA) -- Theresa Wright and John Jackson received a letter just weeks away from their wedding. The place where they planned to say “I Do” was no suddenly no longer available, as the Atrium at Treetops in Hyattsville had lots its contract with the landlord and did not have the money to reimburse them. They are now out thousands of dollars.

"We didn't know what we were going to do," said Wright. "It was already paid, taken care of, everything was set. I was crying because I didn't know what to do."

Their story ran on ABC7 just two days ago, and unexpectedly made an impact on a viewer who saw our story.

Kelly Chin and her husband run the Chin Hamaya Culture Center in Waldorf. Usually, it’s where folks of all ages -- Chin's children -- practice Okinawan Taiko drumming. On the weekends, the 10,0000 square foot space isn’t used.

"They touched my heart in a big way," said Chin. "I couldn't imagine being in her shoes."

So Chin reached out to ABC 7, hoping she could help.

"There is an awful lot of us out here that are still very positive and believe in the goodness of human nature," she said. "If a community doesn't take care of each other, who is going to take care of us?"

Chin ended up offering the couple the space – at no charge. She told them, “Everything is free, whatever you need."

"Still got some good people in the world," said Wright. "They felt my pain, they saw it in my face."

"Angels from heaven," added Jackson. "Thank you."

The couple for now will have to worry about making sure their 120 guests find out about the change in plans in time for their October 12 wedding. They’re also hoping the vendors can adjust their schedules.

Or maybe, they joke, they’ll just catch our story.

"Thank you so much to Channel 7," said Wright. "Yes, thank you."

Wright and Jackson aren’t the only ones to have their wedding venue cancel at the last minute. Several couples had planned to celebrate their pending nuptials at the Prince George’s County venue and now must scramble to find another location.

ABC7 called and emailed the Atrium at Treetops, but we never received a response.

Meanwhile, as the wedding plans for Weight and Jackson move forward, the couple still insists that it wants its money back and is now considering contacting an attorney.