ATM thefts: Police seek two suspects

Police say two men tried to steal an ATM from the Citgo in Camp Springs Wednesday morning.

FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (WJLA) - Two suspects are being sought after they allegedly tried to steal ATMs from two Prince George's County gas stations Wednesday morning.{ }

Police say the suspects tried to steal an ATM from a gas station on Allentown Road near Andrews Air Force Base by wrapping a chain around the machine. They were unsuccessful, though, because it was bolted to the ground.{ }

The duo then tried to steal an ATM from the Citgo in Camp Springs. An alarm sent police racing to the scene where they found the stolen pickup truck and the bandits smashing the backside of the gas station. The suspects{ }managed to get away on foot.{ }

"I hope our store don't get hit," says Omar Henson, a store employee.{ }

There is now rowing concern at area gas stations about who might be targeted next. One station says it is planning on moving its ATM away from the window.{ }

"That could happen," says Henson. "They could break the window out and take the ATM."

The attempted thefts are similar to a trio of cash machine robberies that happened in the county and D.C. earlier this month.{ }In each case, police say, the truck was stolen.{ }

On Aug. 3, two suspects drove their truck into an Exxon on Indian Head Highway near Fort Washington Road in Fort Washington. They got away with the ATM in that robbery.

Less than four hours later, the suspects struck again, this time at an Exxon on Benning Road in Northeast D.C. Both of the ATMs were later recovered.

Two days prior, someone drove a truck into an ATM at an Xtra Fuels station on Crain Highway and stole it.

Police have not said whether or not all five incidents are related.