ATM thefts in P.G. County and D.C. investigated by police

CLINTON, Md. (WJLA) - On Monday night, the Trinity Deli’s ATM light is out. According to police, this is because someone stole the machine from the D.C. deli early Saturday morning.

"It's a shame that somebody stole the ATM machine -- whoever did it should bring it back," says District resident JoAnn Johnson.

Early Sunday morning in Prince George’s County, another ATM machine was stolen at a check cashing place in Clinton. At about the same time, just a short distance up the road in Camp Springs, crooks did a number on a CVS ATM.

The outer shell is left, but the inside – including all the cash – has been completely gutted. All three of the most recent break-ins occurred in the early morning hours.

Prince George's County police say they are investigating whether the new burglaries have any connection to a series of smash-and-grabs last month when about a half dozen ATM machines were hit in P.G. County and D.C.

As of Monday night, police have not released a surveillance video from the latest crimes, but ABC7 has been told that it does exist.